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"Michael has been the backbone of our virtual world since the beginning. His expertise and knowledge have helped us navigate the ever changing internet landscape. From the design and management of our websites, training of internet sales staff, and ongoing internet marketing plans; Michael is my right hand man. His work ethic and character allow me to give him my highest recommendation. Please call if any further questions exist."

- Geoff Yeager


"I enlisted the services of Mike Tyman while at Fitzpatrick Chevrolet in order to serve as an e-commerce consultant and assist us with our need to maximize our internet department's opportunities. Michael is a master at developing the correct sales process to implement when responding to sales inquiries. Not only did our lead conversion rate increase tremendously but we were able to better track our advertising dollars and make quicker and more accurate adjustments when deciding on where to spend our money while also getting the most for our advertising dollar. I would recommend Mike and his company Professional Success Inc. to any dealership who has the desire to increase sales and dominate their market. He is a consumate professional and his expertise is glaringly apparent within the first few moments of speaking with him. His company's step by step approach will bring you the confidence you need to feel like you are on the right track."

- JT Zory

"Michael worked continuously on making our client interaction business models more efficient. Creating ways to improve client access to our websites, managing our reputation throughout the web and search engines, and creating (on his own) a call center that worked in increasing our weekly appointments considerably. This was Michael at his best; improving company systems and client interaction. He also increased traffic to our website and generated leads through contacts with specific web companies which in turn sent even more clients our way. Personally, Michael is professional and kind. He takes the time to listen to advice and how the systems could be made better. Michael liked the feedback assistance to improve the models in place. I appreciate his work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit."

- Chris Conway


"Michael is excellent at setting up, maintaining and supporting your internet department. He has increased our profitiablilty immensely."

- Evan Kanes


"Michael is always a pleasure to have in our store, He is all about results and what is needed to get growth from our associates and I believe he really cares about the success of all his clients. I will always consider Michael when asked by other managers in my industry if I know of anyone that can help them get their Internet department more productive with greater results."

- Dan Sorenson


"Mr. Tyman is simply the best in the business. His insight to anything and everything related to e-commerce is second to none. He is a true professional that I really enjoyed working with."

- Dennis Bala


"Michael Tyman’s specialty is a natural ability to explain technical and dynamic concepts to the rest of us. Sales personnel don't like training, except when Michael comes to town. He is polished and brings real world experience to the table. While polished and engaging, he also knows more about traction systems than anyone else I know. I have seen Michael lift the energy of an entire program just with his high-energy introduction. Positive results from his instruction and training are felt long after he has left the building. I highly recommend Michael and always look forward to working with him."

- Dave Lundgaard


"I have tremendous respect for Michael and all he has done. If you want to improve your process and increase your sales he is the guy to have do it. When he makes a commitment he will fulfill it. Michael has the highest of integrity and is a man of his word. He comes with my highest recommendation."

- Jack Lintol


"I have worked with Michael nearly every day for the past three years. He is a pleasure to work with and always has the client's best interests in mind. His experience in the automotive industry has helped to guide many decisions that I make day to day. He is excellent at sorting through the noise and organizing a plan to achieve whatever goal is set by a client. He is a man of integrity that I am proud to say I know."

- Matt Stuhff


"Michael is quite simply the best at what he does...boiling down what could be and is often a complex process for users to grasp into an easy-to-follow system and and set of procedures that produces outstanding results. Adding to that is a level of integrity and core values that allows those in the profession to not only attain a high level of success, but to feel good about how they go about their day and their achievements. Michael and his company are invaluable assets to any dealership that chooses to do business with them, and I highly recommend they do."

- Michael Conway


"Michael has a wonderful approach to life and business! He maintains a fantastic attitude which I always found to be contagious even if just talking over the phone. I have witnessed Michael consult internet sales departments and transform everything for the positive. There is no question that Michael focuses on making a positive impact on everything he touches!"

- Ian Lowell


"Michael has a great passion for his customers, treating each dealer he works with as if it was his dealership! He will make a difference for you!"

- Kate Donovan


"In an industry where there are many pretenders, Michael is a true asset to his customers. Having perfected the sales process as an internet manager, Michael now brings his expertise to his dealership clients. Our mutual customers love the results that Michael provides. I am always impressed by Michael's integrity, and his willingness to put his customers first. I am honored to wholeheartedly endorse Michael Tyman."

- Marisa Blecha


"I had the pleasure of working with Michael as Regional Sales Managers at Stoneage/ Michael is a true professional, competitive, and one with tremendous talent and skills that made him one of our award winning top performers. As a colleague I looked up to Michael as a team player for his knowledge, collaboration in vision, and his high morals and values. A true leader in his work, I found Michael one with exceptionally strong family and community values at home. Michael is the type of person that you want to build your team around, I’ll take him on my team, again, anytime! I take pride in calling Michael my friend. Should you have any further questions about Michael’s talents and abilities, please feel free to contact me as you feel the need."

- David Waldroff


"I have worked with many vendors to automotive dealerships in over 10 years and to say that Michael is truly a rare find is an understatement. Michael's relationship with the dealership and his ability to advocate for the dealership is the best that I have seen. Michael strives for success and has achieved that for many of his clients because of his knowledge of the automotive ecommerce world."

- Rita Oruska


"Michael is an excellent source of information for dealers and other business development partners. He and his associates can be relied upon to bring the best solutions to assist you to meet/exceed all your retail auto sales development requirements."

- Andrew Gross


"I have had the pleasure of working with Michael in his role as a certified consultant of our Web Control CRM solution for dealerships around the country. What impresses me most about Michael is his ability to quickly understand issues and then effectively communicate what processes or solutions are needed to improve efficiencies within the dealership and achieve the goals set by ownership. Michael's ideas and contributions towards the initial development and ongoing enhancement of Web Control helped drive the popularity and value of the product nationwide. He is a valued business partner and I highly recommend him for owners or dealer principals seeking to eliminate inefficiency, achieve sustained growth and long term profitability."

- Pete Bonfini


"The Lead Management Center at Professional Success has helped my dealership move to the next level of e-commerce sales and customer service. I am glad that we invested in this opportunity and it has really paid off."

- Brendan Kelly


"We are very happy to be working with Professional Success Lead Management Center. They have helped us implement and develop our Internet follow up system/process. We have increased our closing ratio, sales, and Internet presence within our market and other markets we have gone after without sacrificing gross profit. I like receiving daily emails for appointments made from my Internet leads through phone calls and emails sent by Professional Success agents. We have never seen this kind of activity through our Internet customers before. I also appreciate the follow up process with visit outcomes and customer Surveys. They were able to reduce our response times from several hours to 24 minutes on our GM 24 hour clock!

We are pleased with the site promotions, email blasts, website chat service, and specials as well. It has been a pleasure working with Zandra and her team on a daily basis through emails, phone calls and dealer visits.

Please feel free to use this letter of recommendation, and I will be happy to discuss the wonderful job they do for us with anyone who would like to speak with me. Thank you again for a job well done."

- Greg Kap


"Professional Success Lead Management Center has taken my Internet department to a whole new level. Working now with them for almost 2 years I am very happy to recommend them to any dealer if they want to increase sales and offer your customers a great online shopping experience. They consistently set appointments for which we close and produce sales from while still achieving high gross averages. Our Internet response time, quality and process, I would consider being among the best! A high percentage of our overall sales come through our Internet Sales with partnered with Professional Success staff answering leads calling our customers, taking our inbound calls and focusing on moving our customers forward into our dealership through setting appointments. I am also a huge believer in the live chat they answer for my whole dealer group which has increased my leads from my website and we are consistently selling cars from month end and month out. I am pleased to refer them to any dealership that is looking to increase their Internet success. I enjoy working closely with Dean and Zandra they have helped grow this area of my dealerships and advising and helping customize a process and put into effect a great successful Internet Sales Department."

- Roger Elswick